About ‘Mariupol Diaries’ project

About ‘Mariupol Diaries’ project

Idea behind the project

Mariupol has seen the fiercest fighting and the most shocking horrors and bombing of Russia’s war in Ukraine. As hundreds of thousands of people are believed to be trapped in Mariupol. We’ve been heartbroken to learn about stories of people who managed to escape the siege and we want to help document those stories.

The world should know what horrors the people of Mariupol went through. We want the world to understand, remember and prevent this terror from ever happening again.

Mariupol Diaries is a project that collects and digitally preserves the true stories of the people who survived the 2022 Mariupol siege by Russian occupiers.

You may know of Anne Frank's diary - these are the genuine testaments from Mariupol. We want to share the story of the war through the eyes and voices of the real people who are still experiencing it.

*All stories are authentic and carefully verified.

People behind the project

Project Mariupol Diaries is run by volunteers:


Marketer, Google


Product Engineering, MileIQ


Marketer, The Gradient

Design by volunteers from Ukrainian Digital Design United:


Art direction


Logo, graphic design



How you can support the project

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